“Presence or absence of eminent lawyers is not the crucial criteria. What is important is good and fair governance and good delivery. That should be the benchmark of any administration.”
The last thing which kind of makes me so uncomfortable is the name of this Award. I wish it wasn’t called “lifetime” because it kind of tends to tell you that it is towards the end of your career... I am very grateful for this Award.

Speaking on the occasion Lalit Bhasin, President Inter-Pacific Bar Association “We have seen awards given to film stars, sports persons, literary figures, but no one has thought of the legal profession. I compliment Legal Era for introducing these much needed Awards.” He concluded by stating that “Legal Era Awards are a Befitting recognition for the legal professional. This recognition for our profession of the administration of justice demands that we honour those who deserve to be honoured!”

“This is a function by the lawyers for the lawyers through the medium of this magazine Legal Era,” began Justice Sikri. “Legal Education has made this profession see such lawyers, young lawyers in the last 20 years and the credit goes to my teacher, my colleague, Professor N. R. Madhava Menon. As children, all of us have read so many stories and if you remember, those stories would start with the words ‘Once upon a time, there was a king,’ after which the story would start. Whenever one talks about legal education, it will always start with ‘Once upon a time there was Prof. Menon,” he said.

“There are so many organizations that keep giving awards to lawyers. When I was invited to this function, I tried to know about the awards that are given because I wanted to be sure about the credentials of these awards before accepting the invitation. I talked to a few lawyers and one of them said that these awards could be treated like you would the Oscars in the film industry. The only other thing I would like to say while congratulating all the winners is that your genius is respected and acknowledged as it is said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% courage which is true as far as our legal profession is concerned,” said Justice Sikri.

Well I had not expected that it will be such a mega and grand event! To be very honest I am completely satisfied about the manner in which the Legal Era Awards 2013 has been organised, the manner in which it has been conducted, and the manner in which it was hosted, everything was perfect! It didn’t require any further improvement, keep it up.

Kudos to Legal Era for holding a very well organized Conclave and Awards function! The variety and the facets covered were very impressive. Good going, Legal Era. Best wishes for greater success in coming years!
I think the quality of this function was outstanding. All the right people were present. The selection of the jury and their selection appeared to be very fair. The listing of awards was extremely comprehensive in terms of categories. Another good thing was that Legal Era achieved a lot in a short span, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The prizes were given in a record time; otherwise it would have easily lasted several hours. I think it was excellently organised for the fact that it is only the second year! It’s fantastic, the way it has been organised, you have achieved a very high level in quality.
The event went well and was well attended. It was good to meet and celebrate with members of our fraternity.
Litigation in Mumbai or Delhi is a competition and we thank all our clients because we are because of our clients. We are because of what our senior counsels make us, Mr Rohatgi, Mr Khambatta, Dr. Lalit Bhasin.

It’s been a great evening. I am glad you are persisting and holding this ceremony every year. I think Indian lawyers need to come together on a platform like this in formal and informal conferences. And awards always feel nice to get. So, I am very happy that we are part of this. 

Talking about Legal Era:  Keep going; you are doing a fantastic job. I mean your magazine as well not just the Awards.
Thank you so much Aakriti and Legal Era for this recognition. I would say I have come a long way. I remember photos of people being awarded in the magazine, and today, I am standing here. I just want to thank God for wherever I am. I thank everyone who voted for me and thank you Legal Era, Thank you for this recognition.
I thank my team as well as our clients for being part of this journey of 22 years. I would like to acknowledge the role of my mentors, peers, and seniors at the Bar who helped me shape my career, knowledge by providing the necessary tools and opportunities as well as goaded and supported me to take up the mantle of steering, building, and nurturing institutions

Very well brought-out magazine, different sections on various topics, interesting to read, informative...I loved to go through it. The importance of Legal Era awards lies in the fact that one must recognise people, the work and the team and recognise not only the top but also those who work in different firms otherwise they get demoralised! Don’t only recognise those who always hog the limelight, acknowledge the work of those as well who are the solid workers. This event was a step in that direction.

“Having spent half a century in this profession, this Award is a recognition of that. This evening, I remember my father and how his shoes were so large that they never really fit anyone. But I think I tried in some way to live by the principles and values that he imbibed. This recognition means that I have not failed him completely.”
Legal Era Awards are a tribute to and recognition of lawyers at various levels of seniority and practising in different fields of law. These awards are an impetus to peruse excellency in the practice of Law.
I was completely overwhelmed by the grandeur of the ceremony as well as by the very warm and generous compliments paid to me when I was called onto the stage to receive the award. The standing ovation which I received from the audience was very humbling indeed. Thanks once again Legal Era for the honor you have bestowed on me.
Legal Era  Awards is truly a significant platform to recognize the best lawyers, law firms and legal teams from across corporate and legal fraternity. The Conclave rightly highlighted the emerging trends in business regulations and soft business infrastructure, which are crucial in promoting our nation’s economic growth and development.
Legal Era has achieved a lot in a short span, both qualitatively and quantitatively. It’s fantastic, the way it has been organised you have achieved a very high level in quality. This is an excellent endeavour and brings the much needed recognition and appreciation to the legal fraternity and in many ways Legal Era has filled a void, a vacuum that existed within the Indian legal domain. The Bench march set up so far by Legal Era can only be broken or matched by you and nonothers. Kudos to the team of Legal Era!
The glittering awards night was befitting the galaxy of invitees and distinguished guests. Considering the array of awards given, I am sure the Jury lead by Lalit Bhasin must have spent a great deal of time an effort to get to the final list of winners. It was truly a memorable function.
I am very thrilled to get the Award and being recognized in the fraternity. I think it’s a small profession in terms of all people coming together and enjoying the evening. So, it is a fantastic and awesome experience. I think it’s a myth that the legal community is not glamorous. You go to the high courts in Delhi and you will see the fashion quotients there and even I think it’s all black, but I think it’s shades of black. Particularly, since I was recognized for the Star GC tonight, two things I thought really worked well. One, as a GC, you need to be trusted, and second, getting the right kind of people with the right attitude.
Thank you Aakriti and thank you jury and all of you, all the luminaries, sitting here. I am quite overwhelmed and at a loss for words. Now, if we speak about innovation, I’ll say we as a group, as a legal team, have introduced various technological and knowledge-management tools in the organization, and the basic intention is just to strive for the best of technology and innovative ideas.
The event was a remarkable success with astounding participation from who’s who of legal fraternity and was executed with great finesse & professional excellence. Nominees represented the best in business and the awards were transparent & fair. The conclave and awards provided a great platform & well earned recognition to deserving legal professionals and teams across Law Firms and In-house community. Congratulations & great effort to Legal Era team!!
By recognizing innovation in various facets of Law, Legal Era is doing commendable work in promoting legal talent across the country. This will encourage the legal fraternity to play an even more effective role in partnering businesses and setting highest standards of governance and ethics in corporate functioning in India.
It’s an absolutely amazing feeling to receive this Award amidst India’s leading law fraternity. I believe this award is a great appreciation to the diligent efforts, extraordinary team work, never-say-die attitude, and untiring approach of the entire MTS Legal Team. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank and congratulate Legal Era for recognizing this wonderful team effort and for putting up a spectacular show in the city of lights. Awards come and go but memories remain forever, and this memento is a beautiful memory for our team to keep on working as a strong cohesive unit and be ready for future challenges.

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